Technology Updates – Find out Who Is Calling and Why

Nothing is more annoying than getting phone calls from numbers you do not recognize. An occasional wrong number is not all that bad. What is bad is when a number appears on your Caller ID over and over but either the party does not leave a voicemail or they do and they leave a threatening-sounding message about going to jail over an unpaid debt. You probably get calls from family and friends a lot. You may sometimes not recognize their numbers if they have recently changed phones. Sometimes, a family…

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Technology Updates 

RichCopy Download – Buy Back-up Software

If you got a pc, you need backup software. We often do not consider the importance of backup software. Join me as we look at this important subject and why you need to buy backup software right now. When we look at computers connected to the Internet, we see that the virus’s pieces are important. Without them, your pc can smash to a stop. Viruses and viruses can cause you to reduce information and this information can be ineffective after. This can be a serious issue. Nowadays, we know anti-virus…

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